Managing Director

" Shout out to Angela Gavigan, Aviation Resilience, BA for the amazingly enlightening workshop on Resilience on the weekend. One can sometimes get bogged down in the quagmire of life/work/business and forget that there is a whole human in there that requires some fundamental support and experiences to ensure balance in one's life. The WRAW Index was precisely the right tool at the right time. Again, thank you.

Also met some lovely people with great experiences themselves... always good to get out from behind the desk to do so. ."


Talent Consultant

"Yesterday morning I attended the Resilient You workshop facilitated by an amazing instructor Angela Gavigan, Aviation Resilience, BA.
What an excellent way to start the New Year by being more aware of the importance of #Resilience and #wellbeing in our busy daily lives. I will definitely spend time working to develop these skills and now have a better understanding of what Resilience really is!
Angela is running other courses and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their core skills!"

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I would like to highly recommend Angela for the services she provides. She helped me tremendously on my journey to recovery from a serious illness by facilitating life coaching and resilience training which I appreciate deeply.